Yii 2 User Module - 5.0.8

Actions in this module

Note: Some actions may be unavailable depending on if you are logged in/out, or as an admin/regular user

URL Description
/user This 'actions' list. Appears only when YII_DEBUG=true, otherwise redirects to /login or /account
/user/admin Admin CRUD
/user/login Login page
/user/logout Logout page
/user/register Register page
/user/login-email Login page v2 (login/register via email link)
/user/login-callback?token=zzzzz Login page v2 callback (after user clicks link in email)
/user/auth/login?authclient=facebook Register/login via social account
/user/auth/connect?authclient=facebook Connect social account to currently logged in user
/user/account User account page (email, username, password)
/user/profile Profile page
/user/forgot Forgot password page
/user/reset?token=zzzzz Reset password page. Automatically generated from forgot password page
/user/resend Resend email confirmation (for both activation and change of email)
/user/resend-change Resend email change confirmation (quick link on the 'Account' page)
/user/cancel Cancel email change confirmation (quick link on the 'Account' page)
/user/confirm?token=zzzzz Confirm email address. Automatically generated upon registration/email change